Human Rights Internet (HRI) is happy to announce our placements under the International Youth Internship Program!  These postings are provided in conjunction with and funded by the CIDA International Youth Internship Program.

If you have not already done so, please ensure you meet the eligibility criteria.


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DISCLAIMER: Host organizations, placements or descriptions may be subject to change at any time.

Parliamentary Monitoring Group (PMG)

Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA (2 positions)

PMG is an information service that monitors South Africa’s parliamentary committees with the dual purpose of making parliamentary committees accessible and making parliamentary committees more accountable. PMG follows the daily sessions through a group of monitors that provide detailed reports to inform the public about current developments, discussions and decisions as well as negotiations about draft legislation and matters of general interest.


Recruitment period: 1 March 2013-30 April 2013

Internship Period: May- November 2013.

Parliamentary Monitoring and Reporting Officer

Candidate’s Profile

  • Excellent written and oral skills
  • Excellent monitoring skills.
  • Preference will be given to candidates whose home language/mother tongue is English, as the presentation of information on the PMG website has to be extremely accurate.
  • Ability to multi-task.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • The intern must possess advanced computer (IT) skills and excellent Drupal expertise in particular.
  • The intern must be efficient, diligent and have good communication skills as well as experience with social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Description of tasks

As a parliament monitor, you will find yourself at the rock face of South Africa’s government, witnessing the interplay between the legislature and executive. You will attend meetings of South Africa’s parliamentary committees and provide detailed reports of these proceedings for the website. Your reports will be read by the over 45,000 unique visitors that come to the PGM website each month. PMG tries to accommodate the interests and expertise of the interns when choosing to monitor a specific government portfolio. You will cover two meetings per week.

Monitoring duties can be combined with other tasks, such as:

  • Updating the PMG website, Facebook page, Twitter.
  • Setting up podcasts or improving our audio.
  • Working with Drupal programming (if you have this knowledge).
  • Working on and contribute to different PMG publications such as our monthly briefing sheet, MONITOR, and quarterly magazine, SPARK.
  • Conducting surveys to assess PMG products.
  • Providing a critical eye about PMG and its systems.
  • Undertake research as required.
  • Advise & help with social media platforms.
  • Assist with Drupal development.
  • Assist with open data coding projects.

Health Systems Trust (HST)

Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA (2 positions)

The HST is a non-profit organisation, employing around over a hundred professional and support staff, spread out over seven different offices functioning in three programmes that work closely together in the achievement of the organizational goals. The main two programmes are Health Systems Research and Health Systems Strengthening. Through these programmes and, using a number of strategies, HST has played a key role in supporting the transformation of the health system South Africa over the past years.

Examples of HST projects are South Africa’s Sustainable Response to HIV/AIDS (SA SURE), Health Systems Strengthening Technical Assistance (HS-A-012-09) and Preparing and Performing Readiness Assessments for Implementation of HIV Prevention Technologies in SA


Recruitment period: 1 March 2013 – 30 April 2013

Internship period: May- November 2013

Candidates’ profiles

  • Experience with and knowledge of public health, good writing and organizational skills.
    Energetic team player.
  • Willingness to take on a variety of tasks.
  • Flexibility and willingness to expose themselves to new learning opportunities.
  • Interns will be based in the HST Research unit, so a basic degree and interest and background experience of public health would be desirable.

Public Health Research Assistant

Description of tasks

You will provide support to the editor of the South African Health Review (SAHR) with a wide range of activities such as writing policy briefs and general communiqués, contacting authors, compiling database of authors, peer reviewers, sending manuscripts to peer reviewers and back to authors, basic editing, checking references, providing input in terms of layout and design of the SAHR, indexing and glossary compilation assisting in launch and media liaison.

You will also be involved in assisting with research projects and information dissemination: for instance the distribution of materials, writing of reports in plain languages for lay audiences, working with the media to introduce new publications, assisting in writing press statements, assisting in conducting user surveys and internal dissemination of events and publications to the organization.

You will also assist with the compilation of the HST Bulletin which is a bi-weekly electronic newsletter which has a membership of around 1800 people. The Bulletin provides succinct, up to date information on developments, events and resources in the public health arena. Ina addition, the intern will be given an opportunity to contribute to an academic article if desired.

Both interns will help with HSTs two major annual publications, the South African Health Review and the District Health Barometer.

NOTE: For the latter, a background in health statistics/database management would be preferable.

School of Public Health (SOPH), University of Western Cape, Belleville, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA (4 positions)

The School of Public Health is part of the Faculty of Community and Health Sciences of the University of the Western Cape, located in Belleville, just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. Its purpose is to develop knowledgeable and skilled policy-makers and practitioners in the domain of Public Health. This practice is based on research evidence, influenced by informed and active communities, and implemented with a commitment to equity, social justice and human dignity. 


Recruitment period: 1 March 2013 – 30 April 2013

Internship period: May/June – November/December 2013

General: Candidates’ profiles

SOPH is looking for four candidates with an academic background/proven interest in public health and an understanding of the commitments of the SOPH to equity, scoial justice and human dignity.

Preference would be given to candidates with the following qualifications/skills:

  •  An interest in public health, particularly in a community-based and  participatory approach to health care
  • An interest in supporting health and development initiatives in Africa\
  • Interest in/experience with qualitative and quantitative research
  • Proven interest in/experience with social justice and human rights issues related to the public health sector
  • Ability to take on new academic projects, literature reviews, development briefs and policy reports
  • Ability to work independently, with a minimum of supervision.
  • Ability to contribute to research on a variety of subjects related to public health for academic publications
  • Ability to assist with such research, edit publications, compile data and present them in reviews and analytical document (PowerPoint and advanced computer skills are desirable)
  • Willingness to travel to rural areas and/or assist with fieldwork, when required.

Description of tasks

NOTE: Detailed descriptions of positions and tasks will be provided later. Please check back with us or contact the Internship Program Coordinator for more information at

La Iniciativa de Mujeres Colombianas por La Paz (IMP) Bogotá, COLOMBIA

(1 position)


Host Organization details:

IMP is an alliance of 22 women’s organizations, representing 246 regional processes and sectors (indigenous people, farmers, trade unionists, young people, feminists, peace and culture and people of African descent). IMP advocates for women’s rights, effective participation of women in decision; making processes, and more specifically in peace processes, negotiations and discussions on transitional justice, and advocates on behalf of the many women who are victims of human rights violations and violations of humanitarian law during the Colombian armed conflict.

IMP was created in the framework of United Nations Resolution 1325 which was approved by the UN Security Council, on 31 October 2000, and which calls upon Member States, and other actors in armed conflict as well as those responsible for processes of peace negotiations. The resolution demands that special attention be paid to women’s special needs, as well as to guarantee the protection of their rights, to prevent the effects of armed conflict on women as well as to increase the participation of women in levels of decision-making, managing and resolution of conflicts.

Recruitment Period: 15 March –15 May 2013

Internship Period: June- December 2013

Candidate’s profile

  • Proficiency in both written and spoken Spanish.
  • Ability to translate document in both English and Spanish.
  • Strong background in social science and/or keen interest in related issues (political sciences, anthropology, communication, sociology, etc.)
  • Demonstrated interest in women’s rights and understanding of gender related issues.


Description of tasks

You will assist IMP in the process of planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects supported by the organization, and which are related to the promotion and defense of women’s rights and women’s leadership in political processes in Colombia. The focus of your work will be on the situation of women within armed conflict and the possibilities to strengthen their participation and capacity to contribute to a reconciliation process in the country. There is some flexibility as to the assignments of tasks, which may vary according in accordance with specific interests and learning needs of the interns.